Top 5 Free Google SEO Tools 2021

Top 5 Free Google SEO Tools 2021

In this world every website needs SEO for better reach and results for SEO we need a tool for tracking search engine ranking, analytics, keyword research and more. There are many paid SEO tools are there for SEO but not everyone is affordable for that, without paid SEO tools many best and free tools are there for SEO.

In this article we are going to see which is the Top 5 Free Google SEO Tools 2020. Let start to explore the best and free Google SEO tools.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a set of free SEO tool for tracking websites Google ranking status, index status, ranking keyword status, website errors, URL removal, mobile usability checker and more. Google Search Console tool can show the performance of our website on Google search engine. When submitting a sitemap on Google Search Console will structure our website content on Google search engine. Google Search Console can show our websites link clicks, impressions and position on Google search engine. Google is the all-time best free SEO tool for websites. So don’t forget to add your website to Google Search Console.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool for website and application by Google. We can track our website visitors location, age, country and more with Google Analytics free SEO tool. Google Analytics Free SEO tool can track the visitors of website and application visitors by real time. We can connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics it will show the data from Google Search Console like keywords, location and more. Google Analytics will captures everyone’s data who are visiting our website. We also can track Google Ads campaign with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Keyword planner tool is a part of the Google Ads but keyword planner tool is a completely free tool. Keyword planner can show the search volume of keyword that searched on Google. When building a new website or new page we have to add high search volume keyword for better results so keyword planner is the best and free keyword finder tool and it also shows the trending graph of keywords.

Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is a tag management tool for the website. We can manage our tags like Facebook pixels, Google Analytics code, Twitter Conversion tracking code or any code in the Google Tag Manager. When adding the third-party code on our website will slow down the website speed, so it will affect our SEO performance. So adding Google Tag Manager code to our website enough, with Google Tag Manager we can add any third-party code on our website, so we don’t need any developer support for adding codes on our website. Google Tag Manager is the very useful free SEO tool by Google.

Page Speed Insights:

Page speed insights is a website speed performance checking tool if you want to check your websites speed performance we can use page speed insights tool it’s a completely free SEO tool. Page speed insights tool will show the optimization score of our websites speed because speed is the important thing SEO. It will also show how to resolve the speed issues like render blocking, CSS, JavaScript, html minifications, image optimizations and more. Page speed insights tool is one of the best and free SEO tools.


In this article we have seen which is the top 5 Best and free SEO tools by Google. If you are a website owner definitely this free tools will helps your website SEO.

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