Top 5 Best and Free Live Chat Software for Business Website

Top 5 Best and Free Livechat Software for Business Website

Livechat software is a communication medium for website owners to website users. Website users or customers can instantly communicate website owners or sales person with the livechat software. If your client or customer having any queries or issues with your product or service they will contact you instantly livechat software helps you to build a better relationship with your customer compared to email communication. Adding LiveChat software to your website is the best and better way to interact your website users or cuatomers and we can install livechat software on any websites. We can assign multiple agents to the livechat software. LiveChat software also track real time user data like Google analytics, user behaviour and more.

In this article we are going to see what are the top 5 Best Free and paid livechat software for website.

LiveChat: (Paid)

LiveChat software is the best customer support software for websites, this live chat software having the variety of features like sneak peek, ratings, transfer chats, Masking credit card and more. Each chats on your websites chat window will be encrypted in the LiveChat software for users and agents. LiveChat software having the lot of integrations like WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, analytics, Dropbox HubSpot and more. You can hide your payment details like card numbers with card Masking feature. LiveChat is the best customer support software for any website. We can access LiveChat dashboard with Web, mobile app and desktop app (Windows and Macos). LiveChat is a completely paid software, and they’re giving 14 day free trial to experience LiveChat software on your website. If you want to install LiveChat software on your website start your free trial today.

Intercom: (Paid)

Intercom live chat software is a business communication messenger for websites. It is also the best paid live chat software for websites. We can chat with a website user and track our user data through the Web mobile app and desktop app (Windows and macOS). Intercom live chat software also having the lot of integrations like Google Analytics, JIRA, stripe, Facebook, slack, MailChimp, Zapier and more. Yes absolutely intercom live chat software is a paid one they’re having 3 pricing plans first one is Start plan for basic chat conversations and outbound messages, second plan is Grow for chat, email targeting and self-support and the third one is accelerate plan around 50% of intercom live chat software customers choosing this plan gives several features automating workflows, chatbots and reports if anyone needs an automation choose this plan and the final one is Scale plan for security, role permissions, workflow features and more and you will get most of the features of intercom live chat software. Intercom having additional add-on features you can customize with your plans. Intercom only having paid plans, and they’re giving free trial to explore the intercom features. To explore the intercom live chat software on your website start your free trial today.

JivoChat: (Free and Paid)

JivoChat is a complete business communication live chat software for any website. We can access jivo chat dashboard on any devices and browsers. JivoChat having many features like cannon response, chat sneak peek, team reminders, language translation and more. We can translate over 90 and more language through JivoChat Software. Website users can call directly to your phone with JivoChat. You can customize your chat widget more than any other live chat software products. We can track users every behaviour on your website. JivoChat having both forever free plan and paid plan. JivoChat forever free plan offers 5 agents with most features and JivoChat professional plan offers 14 days free trial after that we have to pay per agent. To Experience the JivoChat live chat software on your website sign up now for free. (Free and Paid) is a forever live chat software for business communications. is best and free for small businesses it has a lot of features like live chat, chat pages, team chats, ticketing and more. having paid plans that includes lots of features within forever free plan like In-Chat Payments, 27 language translation, encryption, screen sharing, engagement tracking, domain restriction and more. You can set up and install live chat widget on your website within a minute. have addons to enhance chat experience on your having 100+ integrations like WordPress, Cloudflare, Zapier and more. To install and setup on your website sign up now.

Hubspot: (Free and Paid)

HubSpot live chat software is also having free and paid plans with lots of features. HubSpot having many marketing tools with live chat software. HubSpot also having forever free plan you can use the HubSpot live chat software for free forever. HubSpot live chat software having bots also we can create bots based on our business needs. To experience HubSpot live chat software on your website sign up HubSpot today.


To get more leads and customers start to use live chat software on your website. In this article we have seen top 5 best and free live chat software for business website. Hope this helps.

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